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Caryl Conroy Johnson

Deacon 2010

Priest 2011

Caryl is involved in pastoral and interfaith ministry.  She co-pastors the St. Mary Magdalene Community, an intentional catholic community in Drexel Hill, PA and is a member of the Upper Darby Ministerium. She is also a spiritual director and leads retreats and theological reflection groups. For 15 years Caryl had served as Pastoral Associate at St. Francis of Assisi Church, Springfield, PA, working in bereavement, ministry to the sick, youth ministry, worship, and interfaith events. Prior to that she was a CYO basketball coach and was involved in liturgical ministries and marriage preparation. She has a M. A. in Religious Studies, St. Charles Seminary and a M. S. in Spiritual Direction, Neumann University. She is happily married with 3 adult children. Caryl has published the story of her call to priesthood "My Journey into Freedom" available on She can be reached at

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