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Priests, deacons, candidates, applicants in discernment, and the communities we serve in the Eastern Region of RCWP are involved in a broad spectrum of ministries of care and financial support that include:


  • Sacramental ministry, including Eucharist, weddings, baptisms, funerals, Sacrament of the Sick, Communion to those who are homebound, and Reconciliation

  • Individual & group spiritual direction / companioning

  • Pastoral counseling

  • Hospital  and hospice chaplaincy

  • Interfaith prayer & peacemaking

  • Services to adults and children who are homeless & hungry

  • LGBTQI outreach and ministry

  • Eco-projects to save the Chesapeake Bay

  • Community outreach projects that address food insecurity, especially among families

  • Outreach to women and girls who are trafficked and prostituted

  • Outreach to women and men in substance abuse rehabilitation programs

  • Support of Charter Schools that serve low income, inner city youth, boys & girls

  • Habitats for Humanity

  • Catholic Worker House, Faith Community of Peace, Newborn Community of Faith, and other faith communities of witness and presence

  • Participation in the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, as well as the Association for Survivors of Torture and Trauma

  • Participation in the Fetzer Institute National Campaign for Love & Forgiveness

  • Financial and programmatic support of international projects that serve the poorest of the poor, including the African Dream Center, that cares for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS; the Nari Gunjan Prnerna Chhatravas Hostel for dalit (untouchable) Muhahar girls, aged 6-16, in Patna, India; the Central Asian Institute, providing education for girls & women in Pakistan and Afghanistan; FONKOZE, Inc., Haiti; Bringing Hope Foundation, Inc., Cuba; KIVA, Inc., micro-loans for entrepreneurial projects around the world; and, the Peace Corps Volunteers, clean water project, Micronesia.

  • Spiritual Direction for survivors of child abuse

  • Eco-Ministry to The Committee to Save Mount Manresa

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