On this page of our website, you will find the writings of women ordained for our Region. But first, we share a Statement of Solidarity and Commitment with those who are working for peace and justice in our world.


 June 19, 2020


We, who are members of the Eastern Region of Roman Catholic Womenpriests, USA (RCWP-USA), together with the undersigned International Bishops of Roman Catholic Womenpriests, express our anguish over the murder of George Floyd by police officers in the U.S.  We decry the failure of other officers to intervene.  We grieve this tragic, unnecessary death and all unjust deaths of African Americans, people of color and indigenous peoples.


We acknowledge the systemic racism throughout the world which is the legacy of colonialism and slavery.  We acknowledge that all white people, regardless of life circumstances, are recipients of white privilege and entitlement in virtually every aspect of life.[1]


We soundly reject the assumption that white people’s lives matter more than the lives of people of color.  We affirm unconditionally that Black Lives Matter equally.


We are grateful to all those who participate in peaceful protest around the world to call for change, despite pandemic conditions. We are grateful to the law enforcement officers who participate in peaceful protests and make public acts of solidarity with victims of racism.  We are appalled by the lack of leadership at the highest levels of our governments that continues the plague of systemic racism.


Jesus of Nazareth reached out to the religious and political leaders of his time in service to their needs and in protest of unjust practices.  He reached out to individuals who were victims of racism, sexism, poverty and lack of access to health care.


As Christian leaders, we commit to educating ourselves and those we serve about our complicity in racism and all forms of discrimination.   We commit ourselves to speak out against racial violence and all dimensions of racism in our various countries.  We commit ourselves to listening to our sisters and brothers of color to learn from their point of view how to identify and change our ingrained habits of unconscious racism.  We commit to the task of dismantling racism in ourselves and in the communities we serve.  We invite all followers of Jesus to actively participate in these efforts.


Ann Penick, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region -  Alexandria, VA

Ann Ralston, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Somerset W. Cape, South Africa

Ann Searing, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Braintree, MA

Barbara Ann Beadles, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Silver Spring, MD

Caryl Conroy Johnson, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Springfield, PA

Chava Redonnet, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Rochester, NY

Dianne Willman, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Johannesburg, South Africa

Donna E Burke, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Amherst, NH

Eda Lorello, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Sag Harbor, NY

Eileen McCafferty DiFranco, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Philadelphia, PA

Erma Durkin, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Bel Air, MD

Frances Handy, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Baltimore, MD

Gabriella Velardi Ward, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Staten Island, NY

Gloria Ray Carpeneto, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Baltimore, MD

Jacqueline M. Clarys, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Catonsville, MD

Jane Audrey-Neuhauser, Deacon, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Maynard, MA

Jeanne Fournier, Deacon, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Northwood, NH

Judith Bautista Fajardo Sendas de Vida, Priest, RCWP-USA - Eastern Region, Colombia, South America

Judith Lee, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Fort Myers, FL

Karen Murphy, Deacon, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Suffern, NY

Kathleen Blank Riether, Deacon, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Arlington, VA

Kathleen Gibbons Schuck, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Blue Bell, VA

Marellen M. Mayers, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Forest Heights, MD

Maria Elena Sierra Sanchez, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Colombia, South America

Marie S. David, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Harwich Port, MA

Marilyn E. Rondeau, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Eldersburg, PA

Marina Teresa Sanchez Mejia, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Fort Myers, FL

Mary Michael Leahy, Candidate, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Chestnut Hill, MA

Mary Rose Petrizzo, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Wilmington, DE

Mary Ryan, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Cape Town, South Africa

Mary Steinmetz, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Chalfont, PA

Norma Harrington, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Nashua, NH

Patricia Shannon Jones, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Towson, MD

Patricia LaRosa, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Rochester, NY

Sarah Rule, Deacon, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Stellenbosch, W. Cape, South Africa

Sharon Dickinson, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Bedford, MA

Susan Schessler, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Nazareth, PA

Theresa Novak Chabot, Priest, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region - Brunswick, ME

Veronica Miller, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region – Johannesburg, South Africa


+Jean Marie Marchant, Bishop, RCWP–USA Eastern Region – Boston, Massachusetts

+Nancy L. Meyer, Bishop, RCWP-USA Midwest Region – Brownsburg, Indiana

+Suzanne Thiel, Bishop, RCWP-USA Western Region – Portland, Oregon

+Jane Via, Bishop, RCWP-USA Western Region - San Diego, California

+Patricia Fresen, RCWP South Africa –Johannesburg, South Africa

+Jane Kryzanowski, Bishop, RCWP Canada – Regina, Saskatchewan

+Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, Bishop, RCWP Europe - Pettenbach, Austria

+Ida Raming, Bishop, RCWP Europe—Stuttgart, Germany

+ Marie Evans Bouclin, Bishop Emerita, RCWP Canada-Sudbury, Ontario

+Merlene Olivia Doko, Bishop Emerita, RCWP-USA Western Region - Pismo Beach, California

+Andrea M. Johnson, Bishop Emerita, RCWP-USA Eastern Region – Annapolis, Maryland

+Joan M. Houk, Bishop retired, RCWP-USA Great Waters Region – South Bend, Indiana

 Mary Keldermans, Bishop-elect, RCWP-USA Great Waters Region – Springfield, Illinois

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