Patricia La Rosa

Deacon 2010

Priest 2011

Patricia La Rosa prefers to be called “Patti,” as it reminds her of her family of origin, a tight-knit Italian-American family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins.  She spent 22 years in a married relationship, raising two daughters. Patti recognized her call to ordained ministry in 1989 and pursued it by working toward a Master of Arts in Theology while serving as a Pastoral Associate in a Rochester NY parish.  She also worked in hospice and loved the hours spent with families and caring for their dying loved ones. Patti spent 4 years exploring the possibility of ordination through the Episcopal Church, but discovered her Catholic roots and commitment while attending Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan. She graduated with a Master of Divinity in 2007, and became affiliated with Roman Catholic Womenpriests during her two years in Manhattan. Patti currently lives in Rochester NY and is active in her home parish of Spiritus Christi Church.  She also works with Dignity-Integrity and with a newly forming inclusive community called Spiritus Christi Buffalo. Contact Patti at and read her blog at