Judith Bautista Fajardo

Deacon 2014

Priest 2014

Judith lives in Bogota- Colombia and is a poet and singer. Much of her music and poetry is inspired by scripture, as well as her understanding of the role of spirit in human development. She is Licensed in Philosophy and Letters through the University of Saint Thomas, and she has studied Theology, Biblical Scripture and Spirituality. Her Ph.D. is in Education, focusing on affective processes and transpersonal psychology. Since 1987 Judith has taught scripture studies and done  pastoral ministry  with women and youth.

Currently, she is offering psychotherapeutic and spiritual direction, while she remains engaged in artistic creation. Every year, Judith visits groups, movements and parishes with poetry readings, musical recitals, workshops on human development and prayer concerts, offering with her words and music a way of meeting with God in life.

Some of Judith’s publications as writer and composer include: Danzando la resurrección de los cuerpos. Rutas de autocuidado y autosanación Energética, 2015, Destellos de Tormenta Azul- Poetry, 2012; Desacostúmbrame, 2009; Como Espada de Dos Filos, 2002. And she  has worked collaboratively as well: Minga de la Esperanza, 2012; Palabras para el Encuentro, 2011, Mesa de Fraternidad, 2005¸Las 7 Palabras de Jesús en la cruz, 2000; Celebremos en el Espíritu-Misa de Pentecostés,1998 Con Toda la gente, Cantos para la Iglesia Joven de América Latina, 1993; Qué Chévere es Dios, Novena de Navidad Para Niños, 1993.

You can communicate with Judith by mail: senda.interior@gmail.com or visit her web page: www.judithbautistafajardo.com