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Erma Durkin

Deacon 2017

Priest 2018

For twenty years, I was a member of a Religious Congregation that focused on Religious Education for those at the margins. Ministry was offered through visiting every home within the parish to which I was assigned, and not only the homes of Roman Catholic parishioners. As a religious, I was assigned to a different Mission every two years. I served in  Cambridge MD, South San Antonio TX, Belle, WV, Grand Junction, CO, Trenton, NJ, and finally in several parishes in the barrios outside San Juan and Santurce, Puerto Rico. At the end of my life in Religious Community, I graduated with my BS SS from Loyola College, Baltimore MD. Building a home and a family in North Baltimore County, I became a member of the Parish Council in 1976, and served as Representative of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) on that Council. Since that time, and up until the present (2017), I have been engaged in the Religious Education activities of my parish, especially those which impinged upon Women’s Reproductive Rights, GLBTQ understanding, and Ordination of Women. I am a widow since 2002, have three adult children, all married, and two Grandchildren. My spiritual life is nourished by membership in the Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community, pastored by RCWP Priests. I can reached at

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