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Norma Harrington

Deacon 2014

Priest 2015

Norma (Keefe) Harrington felt God’s call as an eighteen year old but was unable to respond until 2006 when she learned of the women’s ordination movement. A cradle Catholic, educated by a traditional order of religious sisters, Norma has been active in parish work in Michigan where she grew up, and in the Boston area as well. Married to Jim for forty-six years, she and Jim have recently moved to Nashua NH. Norma is the mother of three and also a grandmother. She has a Master’s degree in Nursing and is a semi-retired Hospice Nurse. She received a Master’s degree in Theological Studies in 2012, specializing in feminist theology. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, yoga, running and reading. Contact Norma at

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