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Marina Teresa Sanchez Mejia

Deacon 2014

Priest 2014

Marina Teresa Sanchez Mejia is married and has two sons and a granddaughter. She was born in Colombia in 1967. She has pursued the cause of human rights, justice for women and for Colombians of African descent her whole life. Her degrees are in early childhood and community education and in theology. In the 1990's she participated in global women's conferences in Brazil, Vienna and Beijing, China. She has worked with local priests in several base communities and was a missionary to Ecuador for three years where she studied Theology and served women and children and other marginalized persons. Since 2005 she has animated, represented and served a very large community of Afro-Colombians, Consejo Comunitario Ancestral de Negritudes, near Playa Reciente, near the Cauco River in Cali. As Marina Teresa gathers with this community around the Eucharistic table, they will reflect the liberating presence of God at work for justice on the altars of their lives.

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