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Mary Ryan

Deacon 2013

Priest 2014

Mary holds a doctorate in Theological Ethics, an Honours degree in Religious Studies and a post graduate teaching qualification. More recently she has trained and worked as a home-based carer in the UK.

She has taught courses in Feminist Spirituality, Ethics, and Pastoral Care and Counselling at university, run a Community based Life Skills programme with women and teenage girls, and authored and co-authored a number of books. Her current writing project addresses violence and healing for women in the South African context.
Currently, Mary runs a Caring Consultancy in Cape Town which facilitates the relationship between Carers and families of those needing care. This work includes mentoring and self-care retreats for carers which are fun, restorative and engage some of the ethical and spiritual needs in the caring relationship.

Her liturgical and spiritual community is a group of women from different communities in the Cape, who meet monthly to pray, laugh and support one another in different ministries. Mary is married to a very special man, Alan and is mother to four wonderful sons and one daughter in law, and is a grandmother to one with a second on the way.


You can reach her at

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