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Sarah Rule

Deacon 2020

Sarah Rule grew up in a Jewish family in South Africa, attending Hebrew School for religious education until the age of 11. At the same time her parents sent her to a Catholic primary and then high school for her academic education. She formally converted to Christianity in the Anglican Church as a late teenager. She was involved in the anti-Apartheid struggle with a particular emphasis on the Church as a site of struggle. Sarah played a variety of roles in the Anglican Church including preaching, running children’s ministry, lay minister and church warden. Moving to the Western Cape three years ago Sarah and her husband joined the Open Table communities in Cape Town (led by RCWP Mary Ryan) and Somerset West (led by RCWP Ann Ralston) and with mentoring and guidance from Mary and Ann, Sarah has found a home for her call to ordained ministry in the RCWP movement. As deacon Sarah will continue to assist in the Open Table communities in Cape Town and Somerset West. She is beginning to form an Open Table community in Stellenbosch where she lives in an eco village. Sarah has worked in the field of disability rights and community based rehabilitation for 30 years. She initially trained as a speech therapist and audiologist. She has PhD in community based rehabilitation and she is currently completing a Masters in Theology.

Sarah can be reached at

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