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Ann Penick

Deacon 2010

Priest 2011

Ann Penick is originally from the Chicago area. She and her husband, Jim, live in Maryland near Washington, DC. They have been married for 25 years. Ann has long been an active member of the Roman Catholic Church. She has done ministry volunteer work as a music minister, minister in sacred dance, retreat facilitator, a member of the liturgy team at various parishes where she’s been a member, and a member of welcoming and hospitality committees. In 1993 Ann received a certification in lay ministry from the Diocese of Birmingham, in Alabama. In 1995 Ann received a Masters in Counseling degree from the University of Birmingham in Alabama. In 1997 she completed 3 units in CPE at Bon Secours/St. Francis Hospital in Charleston, SC. In 2008, Ann received her Masters in Pastoral Ministry degree from Boston College. Ann served as chaplain to college students from1997-2008—with the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina and with the Archdiocese of Boston. She came face-to-face with her calling to the priesthood in 2005 at the WOW conference in Canada. She has been supported in her journey to the priesthood by Jim, her step-daughter, Katie, her step-son, Mike, and her brother, Rob. Currently, Ann works as a mental health counselor at a Maryland community college. In her spare time Ann enjoys music, dance, travel, her granddaughter Meg, and their cat, Numbers. Ann can be reached at

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