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St. Praxedis Catholic Community of New York

Judson Memorial Church
West Village NY
Contact: Gabriella Velardi Ward

St. Praxedis Catholic Community is an inclusive, Christ centered community led by a woman priest and functioning within the Roman Catholic tradition. We are an inclusive language community, welcoming all to the Eucharistic table; one  need only come with an open heart. Our mission is to build and nurture an active, fully sacramental Catholic community; to affirm diversity; to model a renewed priestly ministry and priestly people; and to become Spirit empowered through prayer and a partnership model of leadership. We aim to provide opportunities for the exploration and expression of our faith, for spiritual growth and for putting our faith into practice.

By the example of our patron St Praxedis – enslaved woman and bishop of a second century house church in ancient Rome – we proclaim that identity or adversity is no impediment to doing the work of the Gospel. Through our worship services, we witness to the justice, equality and compassion preached by Jesus, as well as to the example of Jesus’ healing and reconciling love for all. In this way, we are encouraged to live the Gospel life.

We gather at Judson Memorial on the second Saturday of every month at 4:30 PM.

Contact us on our website,

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