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Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community

Sussex County NJ
Contact: Mike Corso

Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community was founded in September 2008. The community gathers for Eucharistic celebration every Sunday at 10:00 AM, at The Center, 65 Newton Sparta Road, Newton, NJ 07860. In the tradition of early church communities, all are welcome at the table in this discipleship of equals.

Following each liturgy there is an opportunity for faith-sharing on matters of belief, religious practice, social justice, peace, and community discernment. All gifts are honored and all gifts are offered in service to the People of God.

Sophia engages in three outreach efforts: Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community in Ft. Myers FL, which assists people who are homeless to attain affordable shelter; St. Oscar Romero Catholic Church in Rochester NY, which ministers directly to and with migrant workers; and the Pathways to Prosperity Initiative in Sussex County, NJ, which assists families in moving out of poverty, by educating and mentoring individuals in developing resources, networking and devising personal action plans leading to transition into stable successful life situations.

In and through each of our lives, we seek to bring the joy, light, compassion and peace of Christ to those around us – especially to those most in need. Our priest, Mike Corso, is available for sacramental ministry and pastoral care.

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